Thursday, 13 May 2010

Speaking From Experience - Colour and Style

Cute pastels and pure whites. Natural paper (browns and textured).

Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Speaking From Experience

I am looking at making an interchangeable calendar so looking at designs like this gives me inspiration of ways to make it interactive.

Perforations and cut-offs give the design depth and engage the audience.

This design is very handy and still stays visually stimulating. It is a medicine timetable to take one cod liver oil tablet everyday. So you will know what day it is visually and is a constant reminder to take a capsule.

This is a cute design using chalk to change what you are doing every day easily.

Theses labels are a nice hand held size and can be transported. My design should be easy to transport so I will be having it the same size as a credit card so it can be carried in a wallet. Other forms could be a tag to attach to keys.

I like the peg on this design. It is an easy way the show clearly what day it is and would work well with my design. This calendar as a whole is also very simplistic and clear, which I would also like to reflect in my design.

Interchangeable dates and days make the calendar very compact as a whole yet versatile and engaging. Different typefaces add levels to the design and help to differentiate between weeks, days, months quickly at a glance.

Fridge magnet calender design is easy to change and can include daily activities.

This design is visually very pretty and structured, you twist the cup to show what day it is, but however not very practical as every time you have a drink you have to put the cup back in the right place. The design would work better for something that is used one a day eg. razor, make-up box, wardrobe, bed.

This calendar makes a big statement and would work well in a office that needs to be constantly under structure. The colours blend well with the colour scheme of the room, but at the same time it stands out with the classic grid calendar style.

This design is very colourful and graphical. There is no room for information of what will be happening on each day and therefore it is only a decorative and slightly informative piece.

This is an ink calendar. The ink slowly spreads into the sheet where the dates are spelt out.

I like this idea because it is very simple and yet works well and can be used over and over for years and years. There is room for information to be written as well, but this idea wouldn't be very practical because there is no where for tips and money vouchers to be kept.

These calendar designs look very eco-friendly with the use of recycled paper and simplistic lines and typefaces. I like the perforation tab needed to be removed to open the product. It gives the audience a feeling that it belongs to them personally and they are exclusive.

One of my initial ideas was to create a pack to help people stop spending, and budget better. This pack is similar to one I received whilst on a long haul flight. It has little items to keep you entertained and looked after like toothbrush, eye mask, tissues, headphones, pen etc. Little ideas work well to engage the audience in times of boredom. For my project I could include piggy bank, candles for calming, receipt bag etc.

Pastel colours work well to calm and would work well in times of splurge and impulse buys. This herbal tea gives the idea that you are 'experiencing' the tea and not just drinking it because its design is very through and takes care of every aspect of drinking tea.

Thinking of packaging for my calendar I think I would like to use transparent material such as acetate or plastic. These vacuum pack ideas enclose the product perfectly and give a feeling of sleek, elegance and modern.

I like the style of this packaging. It is very brightly coloured and yet still shows an air of culture and natural produce. I would like my final product to look hand made and natural as well. The use of ribbons gives that extra little personal touch.

Saturday, 17 April 2010

Hair - What is a Line?

Hair comes in all types, colours and styles so I found it interesting to look at existing ways people have captured hair, being photographic, illustrated or crafted.

These images look like that have captured hair in water. The individual hairs are very defined and shows affectively different styles of hair (wavy, straight) and how the hairs create lines and patterns.

I looked at some images using string to create art and thought these loose threads resemble hair and the way it falls. Having the back threads on a light background shows the individual paths of each thread.

This is a series of images showing different hair lines. It is interesting to see the lines that are created as the hair recedes. The hair either recedes back from the middle, the sides or from the crown of the head.

Looking at fur ( both real and digital) you can easily see the individual hairs. Most hairs flow in the same direction but everyone has its individual shape and bend. Some lighter or darker than others creating depth.

When researching fur I came across an image from Monsters inc. The fur is very clear and detailed. Below is a video taken from the movie. The sheer detail that has gone into making every individual hair, and then getting it to move and flow realistically is somewhat mesmerizing.

Looking at detailed hair drawings as well. This image shows individual hair strands and their floaty and light qualities.

This is an interesting and funny idea for a t-shirt/hair extensions design. Wear the t-shirt for instant hair growth! Because it is a digital image of hair all the lines are perfectly straight (so no need to brush you hair to de-tangle it).

Mr. Bingo - I found these series of illustrated images of famous celebrities hair styles. It just goes to show to recognisable people can be just by their hair. Below are some design of the Mighty Boosh and Star Wars. I like these designs because you wouldn't think you could recognise someone from just their mop. They work well as a group. The lines used are very fine and accurate. You can't see individual hair strands but it is still very detailed.

I like this design showing how hair lines the face. It is a simple line drawing, but demonstrates clearly variation in hair styles and types. Because it doesn't show much detail it leads me to picture what the rest of the hair would look like.

Moustache - What is a line?

For the 'what is a line?' project I looked at hair, looking at facial hair as well. Looking at hair from afar it looks just like a block shape and it is hard to make out individual hairs, but the image above is an amazing example of how complex hair is and how fine hair is. The beard above looks like a grey beard from afar but up close up I can see it is made up of black and white hairs, each hair curling in a different way and direction.

Moustache merchandise:

Moustache gloves - made with furry moustaches

Moustache mugs - silhouette moustache shows a vivid outline and shape.

Funny characters made from the same head. Simple line of moustache gives the mannequin style and personality. Moustache's are lines that frame the mouth and face, styled to shape and dominate a plain face.

Probably not that relative to a line, but still a cool idea to accessorise a light bulb.

These moustaches have to be up there with the best/worst. Creating individual designs with each moustache. A lot of patience must have gone into styling because all the hair flow in the same direction creating a smooth and immaculate finish.

Wall of fake moustaches - Looking at it as a whole image it is interesting to see all the different shapes and lines that can be made. Although, some of the styles are a bit peculiar.

More moustache merchandise - using simple lines.

These fake joke moustaches show very uniformed lines. The hairs are all vertically aligned.

A unique practical joke-esque attachment for drinks bottles. I like this idea because it is simple yet would cause a few laughs. This would be a good idea for a drinks company to give away for free, giving them promotion at the same time.