Sunday, 10 January 2010


When you say the word 'book', normally it doesn't conjure up many exciting visual thoughts, apart from maybe the thought of the stories within the books. Traditionally books come portrait with a cover to describe the contents, with variations of materials, binding techniques, size. However, looking at designs with are as visually stimulating as they are interesting to read you can come across many different designs, some of which I have found and can lead you to pose the question:

What is a book?

Below is a book with accordion like pages and art work based on Arabic designs. Full leather bound in green Moroccan leather. It looks seemingly ordinary from the outside but the accordion effect gives it depth and makes it more interesting.

Made with paste paper and with a leather binding this book focuses on pictures and dots wording around to enhance the message. This book has beautiful casing which makes it look more precious. Used as a little fancy rather than an informative piece.

This book although very pretty may be more visual than useable. This book was removed from the original binding and then put into sections and sewn over wooden dowels, the dowels hold the pages similar to how newspapers are held in a rack. The hexagonal slip-case cover is made from wood and pictured is repeats of the original cover. I love the idea of this book, it looks almost vintage and what you may expect past kings and queens to read from.

This is the 21st century's version of a book. The virtual book, where you can read a book from a digital screen and virtually turn the pages. I like the idea, but there's nothing like hearing the noise when you turn a page and the satisfaction of putting your bookmark in and finishing the book and it has doubled in size because you've bent the book whilst reading it.

Another version of 21st century technology gone mad. Although a very interesting and useful idea. This braille pad changes the surface pattern of the gadget using electromagnetic signals to make new words.

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