Saturday, 17 April 2010

Hair - What is a Line?

Hair comes in all types, colours and styles so I found it interesting to look at existing ways people have captured hair, being photographic, illustrated or crafted.

These images look like that have captured hair in water. The individual hairs are very defined and shows affectively different styles of hair (wavy, straight) and how the hairs create lines and patterns.

I looked at some images using string to create art and thought these loose threads resemble hair and the way it falls. Having the back threads on a light background shows the individual paths of each thread.

This is a series of images showing different hair lines. It is interesting to see the lines that are created as the hair recedes. The hair either recedes back from the middle, the sides or from the crown of the head.

Looking at fur ( both real and digital) you can easily see the individual hairs. Most hairs flow in the same direction but everyone has its individual shape and bend. Some lighter or darker than others creating depth.

When researching fur I came across an image from Monsters inc. The fur is very clear and detailed. Below is a video taken from the movie. The sheer detail that has gone into making every individual hair, and then getting it to move and flow realistically is somewhat mesmerizing.

Looking at detailed hair drawings as well. This image shows individual hair strands and their floaty and light qualities.

This is an interesting and funny idea for a t-shirt/hair extensions design. Wear the t-shirt for instant hair growth! Because it is a digital image of hair all the lines are perfectly straight (so no need to brush you hair to de-tangle it).

Mr. Bingo - I found these series of illustrated images of famous celebrities hair styles. It just goes to show to recognisable people can be just by their hair. Below are some design of the Mighty Boosh and Star Wars. I like these designs because you wouldn't think you could recognise someone from just their mop. They work well as a group. The lines used are very fine and accurate. You can't see individual hair strands but it is still very detailed.

I like this design showing how hair lines the face. It is a simple line drawing, but demonstrates clearly variation in hair styles and types. Because it doesn't show much detail it leads me to picture what the rest of the hair would look like.

Moustache - What is a line?

For the 'what is a line?' project I looked at hair, looking at facial hair as well. Looking at hair from afar it looks just like a block shape and it is hard to make out individual hairs, but the image above is an amazing example of how complex hair is and how fine hair is. The beard above looks like a grey beard from afar but up close up I can see it is made up of black and white hairs, each hair curling in a different way and direction.

Moustache merchandise:

Moustache gloves - made with furry moustaches

Moustache mugs - silhouette moustache shows a vivid outline and shape.

Funny characters made from the same head. Simple line of moustache gives the mannequin style and personality. Moustache's are lines that frame the mouth and face, styled to shape and dominate a plain face.

Probably not that relative to a line, but still a cool idea to accessorise a light bulb.

These moustaches have to be up there with the best/worst. Creating individual designs with each moustache. A lot of patience must have gone into styling because all the hair flow in the same direction creating a smooth and immaculate finish.

Wall of fake moustaches - Looking at it as a whole image it is interesting to see all the different shapes and lines that can be made. Although, some of the styles are a bit peculiar.

More moustache merchandise - using simple lines.

These fake joke moustaches show very uniformed lines. The hairs are all vertically aligned.

A unique practical joke-esque attachment for drinks bottles. I like this idea because it is simple yet would cause a few laughs. This would be a good idea for a drinks company to give away for free, giving them promotion at the same time.

Thursday, 15 April 2010

Design with Text and Image

Text and Image:

This design was included in a questionnaire asking weather smoking should be banned in all public places. It used text and image together to create a two sided argument. The image shows a smoker smoking and then 'flipping the finger'. Smokers generally are very strong minded when it comes to talking about non smokers suffering. This has been used in a questionnaire but also could be used as a poster design to show both sides of the argument. Aimed at smokers and those who are affected by it.

This is an alphabet design using image to create text. It uses circles and cut outs to create the letters of the alphabet. The font looks quite futuristic and could be used in logo design. It is quite hard to read quickly so it wouldn't be suitable for writing long sentences or paragraphs. I like the way all the letters have been created from using such a simple shape.

A famous quote by Martin Luther King made fun with the use of illustration and colour. This shows a dumbed down version of history. The fonts used are quite childish and is the same with the imagery. This could be to used as a front cover for a book.

The following three designs are part of a series. These three are visual representations of TV programmes. With simple text to show what it is that is being shown in the image this detracts most of the attention away from the font as it is also very small and it turns it into a guessing game as to what the image is representing. They could be pages as part of a fun book of guessing games, aimed at television literate persons.

This is a font design using shapes multicolour and gradient to represent each letter. I think this would be useful as a font for a company logo as it is interesting and diverse. This would be aimed at people with an eye for design as it is not very legible, but however is nice to look at.

The two below images are a pair. Both existing separately as either text or image and working together as both text and image. The top text design is a very bold statement questioning whilst also stating that 'this is not art'. The use of red draws your eyes to it, almost like a warning sign. With a simple, easy to read font you focus on what is being said rather than what the piece looks like.

The paint brush image below is not so obvious what it is trying to say on its own and only really works when placed together with the text piece. However, it is still visually engaging and a nice design of sized paint brushes. Carrying on the simple design with the use of three colours and simple imagery helps keep attention on the message and not so much the visual side of it.

This design is about expressing music through image. It shows tailor fit text integrated into a mind blowing twist of lines and swirls. This could be used at a music venue or in a magazine. Perhaps it would look better with the use of colour to help express music's vibrancy. It is a very interesting design and would appeal to the art and music lover alike.

These designs are logos and headers for a company. The use of the rounded cornered box follows throughout the corporate identity with added imagery used for different subjects. The design could be used online and on merchandise in shops. Aimed at digitally competent persons. The text fits in with the feel of the imagery as it looks like or wires used often in digital machinery and gadgets.


It could be argued weather this is type or image. I see it as image first and then type. It is an optical illusion and make my brain go funny if I look at it for too long. It is made up of triangles with some slightly darker than the other to reveal lettering. This could be a book cover for type enthusiasts or even a poster advertising an event. It is a very simple design and create curiosity about it. How is it made? What does is say?

These milk cartons show structure and a well delivered, easy to understand message. It uses colour and simple text to show what it is. Because of its modern look and straight talking text it makes it appear more reliable and trustworthy. This would be seen in supermarkets and appeal to more of a male audience who typically wouldn't look for 'pretty' products and would find this easy to understand.

This is a very 'green' image and shows Earth as a rich and blossoming thing. It shoes Earth as it could be and also gives a contrast and makes you think how it could be if we don't look after it. This could be used as a advertisement for 'green' living, a topic which is in the spot light at the moment. Aimed at people who cannot see what they are doing to the world, showing this lovely image could make them realise what the opposite would be and what they could be missing out on.

This design is somewhat confusing. The text says 'love music, love food', two things which seem to have no connection and then the design around it is also unrelated to the topic. The decorative pattern could represent the boundary-less world that music and food are part of. This could be a design for a music and food festival. I like the design and would relate to an audience that I fit into - the student scene - it is readable ad clear, however it just needs more information of what it is trying to say.

This is a mail shot inviting the person named to a fashion event. The colour of the stock relates back to the purpose of the invitation, advertising 'the little black dress'. Having the white writing on the black background make it look more unique and elegant. There is not much information on the mail shot, however there is all the vital information. This makes it look more clean cut and high end because it isn't full of bright colours and reams of writing. The fonts are both decorative and clean cut which both lead us to think the company is feminine and well manufactured.

This is a cover for a Bible. It is not traditionally what you would expect to be on the cover of a Bible as it is had been designed and not just a simple cover with a title. This looks to be aimed at people aged 18-30 as it is an interesting design aiming to interest and teach people about God and Jesus. It could be seen in universities, colleges and schools to try ad re-engage students to learn about the Bible. The design looks like it should be used on the cover of a CD and the wording and typeface is also what you would expect to see on the cover of a dance music CD.

This is an opinionated quote by Chris Lethbridge talking about Manchester. Blue and white colour give the piece a serious and trustworthy feeling. The font is a sans serif, easy to read and therefore the focus is on what is being said and not what is aesthetically pleasing. This could be placed around the city to advertise what is going on and what is good about Manchester however it may go unseen because it is not very eye catching.

These two images show two phrases and use distorted font to visually represent what they are saying. They both look hand written and could be hung in a home to decorate the interior. They are pretty pieces and would attract house proud persons. I like the subtle neutral colours. The pieces are very simplistic and the fonts decorative qualities make them visually appealing.

This is a design for a Don't Panic poster, and pictures legs which make up the word 'wank'. It relates to a gentleman's club and uses the feminine legs to spell out a more explicit idea and reality. The font is not noticeable at a glance what it is saying, however looking further into the text it shows an unforgiving message.

This is a well known song by the Spice Girls but also conjures idea of lust and suggestion. This is also a poster for Don't Panic aimed at students. The use of the same font brings the whole thing together and dark and light shading on the lettering emphasises certain words. This isn't a serious design.


Although this image has text with it, I think it works well as just an image. It is advertising for 'story' time at a library. Without text the message is not as clear to what it is advertising, however it still is very eye catching. The colours popping out of the book represent imagination and excitement of story telling. This poster would be seen either in a library or around a village or local area to advertise the event. The bright colours and simplistic images are aimed at children who perhaps are just learning to read.

This is a design for a stamp. It is a very elaborate, decorative design. It appears to have been screen printed, looking at the finish and overlapping of colours. This item would be found in post offices and 'touristy' places to advertise their culture. These stamps would be aimed at people either who are collectors of stamps or who want to send a slice of culture on the letter they are sending. It is a decorative stamp, and would be used on special occasions.

This is the logo for Habitat. A home-ware company, who stock modern and cosy items. The idea is linking 'love' and 'home' together. Using just image it still projects a strong message. This logo is used on all Habitat merchandise and so it is important it reflects the brand and is simple to reproduce. The design uses symbols to express its message and is aimed at home owners I would say aged 21-50. Because the company's style is very modern and clean cut it can relate to a wide audience.

This image is conveying a very strong and perhaps controversial message about Mcdonalds being bad for your health and sometimes fatal. In the foreground there is a heart beat with the Mcdonalds logo for one of the heart beat, giving the message that Mcdonalds gets into your blood and when it does you will be lying in a hospital bed. Using the colour blue gives the image a serious atmosphere, so although it is a somewhat ridiculous idea, it reigns the audience back in by making us think that it is a reality. This design was made my Adbusters ad could be featured outside a Mcdonalds restaurant for a big impact. It is quite simple image to decipher and so could be aimed at adults and children alike, although the impact would be greater with adults potentially because of all the hype about obesity at the moment.

This image is a design drawn for the House of Fraser. It shows the inside of a living room and is part of an online interactive piece. The image is used to advertise the company's home ware. I like the use of lines to create detail. It is aimed at home owners looking more at high end furniture.

This image is very colourful and quirky. It shows the story of Adam and Eve and uses cute characters and floral decoration to attract children to this traditional scene. This design could be seen in a story book, maybe a Bible, aiming at enlightening children about history and religion.

This design shows balloons in the shape of a full english breakfast. Playing with perception. At a glance it looks like you are looking down at a plate of food, however on closer inspection you are in fact looking forwards at a wall with balloons. It is a fun idea and could be seen in a diner or restaurant as advertisement. Aimed in majority at children because it uses balloons and a fun idea to create a visually stimulating result.

Focusing on the image on the right it shows silhouettes of animals. The animals show character with smiles and poses. They are aimed at children because they are fun characters and use simple lines to create the images.. I am not sure what stock they are on, but they could be used as stickers for a sticker book or character design in a story book.

This is an advertisement for a new chilli Heinz Ketchup. At a glance it looks like a simple hot dog with a line of ketchup on top, however the ketchup is in the shape of a thermometer. It uses this imagery as a subtle indication that the sauce is mildly spicy. It is a very clean cut image and shows how simple ideas can be most effective. This would be used as a poster design and seen on billboards and bus stops etc. This advertisement has a very wide audience; 'everybody' loves ketchup and so adults and kids alike will be attracted to this design. It uses a typically British food as the hot dog to again subliminally relate and engage to a wide audience.

This image is all about lifestyle. It shows a story of this woman; where she goes and who she knows. This image is somewhat useless without text. The is no indication of what it is all about other than the lady's life? It could be advertisement for a casino and showing the lifestyle you could live. All the images that are shown are of luxury and portray a lust for this lifestyle.