Monday, 8 March 2010

Shoes - inspiration for collection 100 project

Shoes can be perceived as this very ordinary object and item of clothing, but delving deeper into the shoe world you come to realise innovative design and off the wall ideas.

The below image looks at branding into a different media, the trainers have been folded, torn and bent using paper to create these three pairs of high tops. I love design you have to look twice at and art which makes you wonder how it has been created.

The below design has also been crafted from paper... maybe not one of the most practical of ideas.

Maybe a boys take on shoe heaven?..

Perfectly crafted chocolate shoes put elegance back into chocolate. I'm sure this is a girls idea of heaven.
Experimenting with different media, in this case creating the effect of illusion and disappearance.

Whilst looking at origami shoes I came across these two particularly handsome chaps. It is such a good illusion and looks so effortless.

These two paper origami wedding outfits are so adorable, I can imagine trying to make these takes hours for an untrained hand. They look so simple yet effective.

Focusing on origami within shoes I came across these shoes which give the effect of paper and folding. This effect makes them look very elegant and weightless.

I love these tiny chinese style paper shoes and the was each design is slightly tweaked and tailored as if they are waiting for tiny babies to come and put their feet inside.

This shoe looks very mechanical and yet elegant. I like the design and the visible texture.

Are these yours?

I like the way this image tells its own story. There must be a lot of people living here or one very popular person and a very wealthy flip flop maker.

Urbanisation and territory.

Detail... inside the shoe... adds to the brand identity but will only be seen when the shoes aren't being used for their purpose.

An entirely edible chocolate box... edible evidence of indulgence.

Global warming going to your head. No more deceptive packaging. Clean cut, does the job and fit in well with the shoe design surprisingly.

This advert makes my hungry for cereal, but not really hungry for a soggy slip-on.

Shoe packaging utilised to the maximum. I think this idea is funny, quirky and altogether oh so practical for that pair of shoes that 'wont fit'.

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