Saturday, 20 February 2010

Don't Panic! Style Inspiration

The complex world of fashion needs simple line drawings to help uncomplicate things. I looked at a range of artists who use simple line drawings in their work. I really like the style and feeling they give to the work.

These designs of mirrors look cute and I could use to represent vanity in fashion. They are very obviously hand drawn but I think this gives a nice feel to the work.

Using a touch of colour helps to emphasise elements without being too overpowering on the natural brown paper. I like the use of the worn paper, it could express the weathered and re-used fashion styles and statements.

Simple, clean image. With the use of shadow it gives it a depth and makes it more visually stimulating. Soft colours help you to focus on what you are actually looking at.

I like the boldness of the lines. There is a lot of personality in this design, not only because it is hand rendered, but because the fonts used are both very different and could represent a designed font and a natural handwriting style.

Simple, out of proportion, self explanatory. There needn't be any text along with this drawing. It is meant to be used as an activity for children to cut out an create their own art work, but I think it would look good framed as is.

Looking at a completely different style of design. To represent the more in-depth, high end side of vogue and fashion. I love this style of design and amongst other styles is one I aspire to. I like the high contrast in colours and the fantasy/real life feel they have. They set a scene a tell a story which seems real because of the use of photography, however, the images have been manipulated on a very high scale using layers, brushes, stamps, levels, masks etc.

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