Saturday, 17 April 2010

Hair - What is a Line?

Hair comes in all types, colours and styles so I found it interesting to look at existing ways people have captured hair, being photographic, illustrated or crafted.

These images look like that have captured hair in water. The individual hairs are very defined and shows affectively different styles of hair (wavy, straight) and how the hairs create lines and patterns.

I looked at some images using string to create art and thought these loose threads resemble hair and the way it falls. Having the back threads on a light background shows the individual paths of each thread.

This is a series of images showing different hair lines. It is interesting to see the lines that are created as the hair recedes. The hair either recedes back from the middle, the sides or from the crown of the head.

Looking at fur ( both real and digital) you can easily see the individual hairs. Most hairs flow in the same direction but everyone has its individual shape and bend. Some lighter or darker than others creating depth.

When researching fur I came across an image from Monsters inc. The fur is very clear and detailed. Below is a video taken from the movie. The sheer detail that has gone into making every individual hair, and then getting it to move and flow realistically is somewhat mesmerizing.

Looking at detailed hair drawings as well. This image shows individual hair strands and their floaty and light qualities.

This is an interesting and funny idea for a t-shirt/hair extensions design. Wear the t-shirt for instant hair growth! Because it is a digital image of hair all the lines are perfectly straight (so no need to brush you hair to de-tangle it).

Mr. Bingo - I found these series of illustrated images of famous celebrities hair styles. It just goes to show to recognisable people can be just by their hair. Below are some design of the Mighty Boosh and Star Wars. I like these designs because you wouldn't think you could recognise someone from just their mop. They work well as a group. The lines used are very fine and accurate. You can't see individual hair strands but it is still very detailed.

I like this design showing how hair lines the face. It is a simple line drawing, but demonstrates clearly variation in hair styles and types. Because it doesn't show much detail it leads me to picture what the rest of the hair would look like.

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