Saturday, 17 April 2010

Moustache - What is a line?

For the 'what is a line?' project I looked at hair, looking at facial hair as well. Looking at hair from afar it looks just like a block shape and it is hard to make out individual hairs, but the image above is an amazing example of how complex hair is and how fine hair is. The beard above looks like a grey beard from afar but up close up I can see it is made up of black and white hairs, each hair curling in a different way and direction.

Moustache merchandise:

Moustache gloves - made with furry moustaches

Moustache mugs - silhouette moustache shows a vivid outline and shape.

Funny characters made from the same head. Simple line of moustache gives the mannequin style and personality. Moustache's are lines that frame the mouth and face, styled to shape and dominate a plain face.

Probably not that relative to a line, but still a cool idea to accessorise a light bulb.

These moustaches have to be up there with the best/worst. Creating individual designs with each moustache. A lot of patience must have gone into styling because all the hair flow in the same direction creating a smooth and immaculate finish.

Wall of fake moustaches - Looking at it as a whole image it is interesting to see all the different shapes and lines that can be made. Although, some of the styles are a bit peculiar.

More moustache merchandise - using simple lines.

These fake joke moustaches show very uniformed lines. The hairs are all vertically aligned.

A unique practical joke-esque attachment for drinks bottles. I like this idea because it is simple yet would cause a few laughs. This would be a good idea for a drinks company to give away for free, giving them promotion at the same time.

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