Thursday, 22 October 2009

Dance Made

DANCE MADE - print / identity / typography

Made as a personal corporate identity for the site ''

I like the approach taken in this alphabet. Normally I would start creating a font by building up the structure of the letterform its self first. Here the letterform has started off as a square and pieces have been removed to reveal the letterforms. It brings a whole new way to look at typography.

Placing the letterform in a different surrounding or creating it using a different material can totally change the feel and overall appearance of it. I think it looks good in the picture below how such a modern, industrial object can be placed in such a tranquil, natural surrounding and how they contrast against each other.

Another aspect of print... without ink. Merely the shadows from the raised surface reveal the logo. It is a very abstract idea but works well.

Another example of simple typography I love.


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