Thursday, 22 October 2009

Ice Cream For Free


A muddle of limbs create a confused and intriguing piece. It makes you look closer into the image to try define the individual limbs.

Pack of cards represented with limbs.

I love illustrated hair. I think it looks elegant and interesting because of the sheer vast amount of individual strands. This image also looks like it could of been manipulated from a photograph and been set on a high contrast to define individual strands against the black hair.


Milch - an electro party in Berlin
I like the weathered look. Very random images, but the colours give off an electro feel. Maybe not easy to tell what the poster is advertising at first glance, but if the festival is well known the logo will attract the audience.

Another advertisement for a German disco with featured DJs
The colours are not very bright and mix in together making the writing less legible.
This flyer is typical to the style off 'I.C.F.F' with abstract and somewhat irrelevant images, but overall creating a visually stimulating piece.


Vibrant, colourful, eyecatching.
The brightness of these designs reflects adidas' playful corporative identity well.
I like the collage, cut and paste feeling these pieces portray.
This image is quite disjointed. A dog's head stuck together with a dancer's leg and an arm?? Although it does work; It expresses the tag line 'celebrating originality' nicely.
Geometric shapes give the effect of mountains and mystery.
The designs work well on the t-shirts, slightly faded. The top image, not necessarily in-your-face recognizable, that it is adidas merchandise and the bottom image only has the image logo for adidas because it is such a well known brand.

HUMAN GARDEN MUSIC PROJECT - CD sleeve for Andrea Roma, London based Dj and producer.

'Ice cream for free' have a very abstract approach to work. I love how this CD sleeve looks rustic and worn and at the same time futuristic.
It looks very computer manipulated at a glance, but up close it appears to be cut and stuck from magazines and existing patterns.

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